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Important Notes

It is important that you notify our management and your therapist if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, allergies or any other medical complaint or conditions so that the appropriate treatments are recommended and any other precautions can be taken. All treatments are taken at your own risk.

Please enjoy our relaxing environment and allow others to do likewise by talking quietly and respecting the privacy of others. Please put hand phones on the silent mode.

This is a No Smoking environment in accordance with the Malaysian Law.

We advise you not to wear jewellary and /or valuable during your visit , as they may need to be removed for the treatment. The Management accepts no responsibility for the loss of money or valuables of any kind brought to the centre.


Our cancellation policy for any appointment is 24 hours.
This gives us sufficient time to fill the slot.



Please arrive at the centre at least ten (10) Minutes prior to your appointment.



We try our best to provide our guest with a relaxing and tranquil
environment. We would appreciate if you could turn off your
mobile phone whilst inside the therapy room. We provide services to both Genders, but restricted to same Gender Therapists



All guests are given the opportunity to be assessed
individually by our Certified Ayurvedic Consultant.
However, please advise us if you are a mother-to-be or have any
existing health conditions like allergies, injuries or high blood
pressure, prior to any therapy.