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Overseas Trips. Read the office of State’s COVID-19 webpage before you decide to strategy any international journey.

Refuse to go to Colombia from COVID-19. Workouts increasing care in Colombia due to civilized unrest, crime, terrorism and kidnapping. Some places have raised danger. Read the complete Tour Advisory.

The facilities for problem Control and protection (CDC) offers granted an amount 4 trips Health observe for Colombia with COVID-19, showing a really high level of COVID-19 in the state. Your very own chance of getting COVID-19 and promoting severe disorders is likely to be decreased in case you are totally vaccinated with an FDA licensed vaccine. Before preparing any worldwide tour, you need to look at the CDC’s particular recommendations for completely vaccinated and unvaccinated vacationers. Go to the Embassy’s COVID-19 page more resources for COVID-19 in Colombia.

Place Overview: Colombia try going through moving forward demonstrations, unrest, and disturbances all over the state. The across the country occasions could cause the shutdown of regional roadways and big roads, typically without previous notice or thought reopening timelines. Avenue closures may dramatically eliminate access to public transportation and airports and may affect trip both within and between urban centers. numerous locations have observed vandalism, looting, and deterioration. Manifestations bring lead to fatalities and damage across the nation.

Severe crime, for example homicide, attack, and armed robbery, is typical. Tidy criminal activities, such as extortion, robbery, and kidnapping for ransom money, happen to be prevalent escort services in Eugene.

As Colombian administration finalized a peace deal utilizing the Progressive military of Colombia (FARC) terrorist team, some dissident communities refuse to demobilize.

The National Liberation Army (ELN) enemy group continues plotting possible problems in Colombia. They can assault without or no notification, concentrating on travelers regions, travel modems, market segments/shopping shops, government areas, resort hotels, clubs, dining, places of worship, areas, major displaying and national happenings, educational facilities, flight terminals, alongside general public cities.

Terrible theft, including provided robbery and homicide is actually extensive.

Radical communities is effective within portion.

The U.S. authorities has actually constrained capability to create disaster providers to U.S. citizens as U.S. federal employees cannot happen to be these destinations caused by protection concerns.

Several Divisions during the State – Rethink Adventure

Violent theft, like equipped theft and homicide, is widespread.

The U.S. government offers set ability to render emergency companies to U.S. residents as U.S. national employees cannot happen to be these parts for safety rules and minimal local trips possibilities.

Last improve: Reissued with revisions to civil unrest records.

Embassy Messages


Fast Knowledge

Six months’ substance is actually highly suggested.

One webpage needed for entrance stamp unless signed up for Migracion Automatica, a course for regular tourist.

Not essential for stays ninety days or little.

Yellow-fever vaccination is for tourists originating from particular region or visit several national commons.

All day and companies, kindly visit the U.S. Embassy Bogota website.

Resort Information

See the team of State’s truth piece on Colombia for information about U.S. – Colombia connections.

Entry, Leave and Visa Needs

Please check out the Embassy’s COVID-19 page to learn more about entry/exit requisite associated with COVID-19 in Colombia.

All U.S. citizens who do maybe not additionally posses Colombian citizenship must existing a valid U.S. ticket to go into and leave Colombia. U.S. people have no need for a Colombian visa for a tourist or business stay of 90 days or decreased and collective keeps of 180 days or reduced per season. Before the 90-day keep runs out, you might demand an extension as much as 90 further era from the Colombian immigration expert (Migracion Colombia). May deal with an excellent any time you stay static in Colombia more than helped, and you might be unable to put Colombia until the excellent is definitely compensated. Any tourist entering with a Colombian charge of the form (rather than visa-free access expressed above) with more than ninety days’ soundness must register the charge at a Migracion Colombia office or on the web within 15 times of coming in Colombia or confront fees. You may well be rejected entryway to Colombia if you do not have got a return pass. Head over to Ministry of trade, discipline and Tourism page for the most present charge information.

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