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Hey Ayngelina, Just going correct we. I favor this posting. I lived-in Medellin, Colombia for a couple of years. Im 1/2 Colombiana so all of this resonates with myself. Adore your creating style.and title of your own blogs? Wizard! Chao, linda. ??

Aww regards Christine, Colombia is actually a truly unique environment.

Colombia cruise says

Really this a splendid blog post! I’d say primary benefit of Colombian slang is that it all depends upon which location you happen to be checking out. In my situation it actually was quite imposible in order to comprehend group up north the costenios but people from Bogota and Medellin comprise very great to talk to. Im very glad my own 6 months stay-in Colombia got a whole good experiences.

Best shown! I live in Barranquilla and the Spanish in this article on the coastline is really a lot harder for me to comprehend compared to the inner! And simply like almost everywhere various locations equivalent different slang, so there is really a lot of understanding how to perform. Youve have the top ones here nevertheless! Excellent listing ??

Kevin Bentler says

dating as a resident

Have you considered vacano? I am aware it signifies cool! We figured out they from a Colombian pal as well as smallest after in a Colombian movie (cant remember the movie).

my home is colombia already very long time

a few more slang:

un tinto = black Jurupa Valley backpage escort a cup of coffee un perico implies in bogota black color coffee or even in dancing a bag of dope un pintadito = coffee drinks again

llave = mean pal or amigo in medellin

marca gato = inexpensive brand name, bogus etc

mono = once girls examine one, after that this really does mean the adorable rather than a monkey

bizcocho = girls chat, this simply means their adorable

qhubo = as soon as contesting contact colombians usually declare qhubo los cuales mas as soon as their a friend just like how’s it going or whats up

Thank you for the additions, I think a performed notice llave while there nevertheless mislead myself.

Mono or mona are slang for every white or golden-haired individual, it doesnt necessarily mean she thought that you were attractive.

The key to connecting alongside the paisas is only mentioning pues any time you pause of presume.

Several other most simple:

Mija / mijo such as mi hijo or mi hija, it can be used in an endearing means or talking down to a person ahy no mijo!.

Bien o que? / vamos o los cuales? The spanish was Colombia is particularly immediate, usually takes some getting used to. Good or just what? Lets run or precisely what?.

Sizas an approach very often more youthful or poorer Colombians claim yes. does not focus on its, but something similar to sizas ome.

Ome I reckon their an abreviation of hombre, renders me seem like a mexican in a movie after I decrease this one in. que mas ome?

Polla implies woman or chick in Colombia, dont use it in The country of spain though like it means penis.

parce / parcero amigo

Hijueputa I like the paisa enunciation of these word eeh-weh-poota. This means kid of a bitch, nevertheless may also be used as an exclamation aim. como un hijueputa

chimba chimba was described, the easiest utilization is definitely ahy que chimba parce or (some thing) es la chimba. Both indicating something is great, although chimba may also imply anything isn’t good.

gordo/gorda (oily), flaco/flaca (skinny), mono/mona (whitey), negro/negra (black color person)- These are not truly slang, but anticipate to getting also known as these types of points in Colombia. Colombians happen to be refreshingly drive, it gets some modifying to. Including, a girl can walk into a shop in addition to the female behind the work desk might say gorda, a la orden (essentially junk, at your tool).

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