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Direct Axis is a well-known business organization that was founded in South Africa in the early 1990’s to offer various lending products, insurance and loan brokerage. The company is one of the leading direct loan agencies in South Africa. These days, it has a branch in Zambia and also operates several loan procurement companies that offer services to the private sector. It also serves as the financial partner of mining conglomerates, providing them with loans at preferential rates.

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Direct Axis specializes in all sorts of financing products such as business loans, personal loans, land loans, infrastructure development loans and so on. One of its most popular products is the direct loans for blacks, which are offered at extremely low interest rates. The primary advantage of such a online loans South Africa instant approval deal is that you do not need to make any kind of security or presentation of any kind. All you need to have is an active account in a bank that is deemed to be a safe investment. This can only be done by those banks that are members of the National Association of Financial Advisors (NAFSA). The second advantage is that you enjoy a fifteen year lock period with the bank, during which time you cannot move out of the house even if you are not satisfied with the performance of the loan.

As soon as the terms and conditions are satisfied, you can withdraw the money from your account. Direct Axis provides a twelve-month repayment period, which is the maximum that banks allow for personal loans. You can have up to six years to repay the loan. This means that you will have the facility to have the loan settled and paid off in about half the time, which is very beneficial for people who need quick cash but do not want to have to put in much effort.

If you go by the NAFSA’s criteria for member banks, Direct Axis’ personal loans apply automatically. You can apply online or at the branch nearest to you. Direct Axis’ policies and guidelines are easy to understand, hence making it easy for customers to avail their services. If you choose the online option, you will also be provided with all the relevant information through email.

Direct loans are available in various types. You can choose between a secured personal loan, unsecured and plus loan. You can use Direct Money to pay all of your bills such as rent, electricity, car maintenance and credit card bills. This will save you time and money as all of these bills can be consolidated using the direct home loan. The details of the different types of loans can be found on the website of Direct Axis.

The various types of loans offered by Direct Loan are easy to apply for and to repay. You can choose between a fixed interest rate and variable interest rate loans. If you choose the option of a fixed interest rate, you will have to pay the same amount each month. However, if you choose a variable interest rate loan, the rate may go up and down depending on the economy and financial trends.

The best thing about Direct Axis loans is that the company handles all of your application from start to finish. Once you have submitted all the required documents to the company, they will contact you and get in touch with you via phone. Once you have accepted the offer, the process is simple. The customer care representatives will then visit your place to collect the necessary documents as well as to meet you personally for personal negotiations. The representatives of the Direct Loan company will then approach your lender to inform them of your personal loan requirements and repayment options.

So if you are looking to finance a project within South Africa or anywhere else in the world, you can explore direct loan options online and compare them to find out which lending products are best suited for you. You can also explore the company website to find out more about their lending products as well as the company itself. By exploring these options, you will be able to apply for a loan for any purpose right away.